Sunday, 23 November 2014


There is certainly an importance that your web site needs to be well linked internally. This could be considered as a way to get incoming links to pages in the site. Here are some tips that are rendered to help you in internal linking!
1. Use text links in anchor tags instead of using images to hold links. This is advocated because it would be easy for the search engines to crawl and read the text links though google could read images yet.

2. Well built and internally linked pages are often considered as a good sign of a professional website and hence this shall also be considered as an important factor.

 3.  When your website is internally linked well, you can use the web master tool of google to crawl the specified link as well as those links that are directed to from the page you specify! This is an advantage as well!

4. It is necessary if you could use the breadcrumb navigation in your site. Here we tell you what a bread crumb is!!

A bread crumb shows the user how one has traveled from the home or the index page to the web page which is currently seen.  This is inturn used by the bots and hence it leads them into internal pages as well!

5. Usage of an XML site map- The XML site map should be placed in the web site and it would be useful for the user as well as the robots. The XML site map can also be submitted to google using the web master tool..

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Top 7 free SEO tools for ON page optimization

1. Pingdom Website Speed Tool
Pingdom's Website Speed Tool tests the load time of a page, analyzes it, and finds bottlenecks.

2. XML Sitemap Inspector

XML Sitemap Inspector validates your sitemap (XML or gunzip), repairs errors, and pings all search engines.

3. Google Snippet Preview

Google Snippet Preview tool helps visualize and optimize what is displayed to searchers.The snippet that appears in Google Search is usually taken from these meta tags. 

4. URI Valet

 URI Valet Header Checker is used to view total number of objects (http requests), time to download, object details, document internal links, and external links along with verifying server headers for each..

5. Xenu's Link Sleuth

Xenu's Link Sleuth is a PC based spidering software that checks websites for broken links. It performs validation of text links, frames, images, local image maps, and backgrounds.

6.Title and Description Optimization Tool

Title and description optimization tool gives insight as to what the top ranking competitors are using for titles and descriptions. The best competitor intelligence tool of its type.

7. Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML

Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML is a free converter tool for documents created in Microsoft Word, Writer, and other word processing software.

Monday, 11 August 2014

How SEO works ???

Website streamlining is about outlining and enhancing a webpage with the goal that it pulls itself in  the most astounding conceivable  seek rankings. 
The primary thing to comprehend is that this is NOT the same as Paid Search Marketing. Paid Search Engine Marketing, using heaps of cash  to show up in paid results against pivotal words and expressions is not SEO. These are two separate expressions, and professionals . The two are connected as they both influence your general indexed lists, however the strategies of SEO and the strategies of SEM are just sparingly related. 
Web indexes use calculations to attempt to survey the importance of a site and its substance to an inquiry term, and also attempting to evaluate the reliability, creativity, and nature of the substance being presented.seo s in long time past days had  extremely straightforward set of  transparent rationale. Internet searchers took a gander at titles, pivotal words with in substance and meta-labels, and looked (rather externally) at things like the amount of connections prompting a webpage or page. In the event that you rehashed your essential words regularly enough, there you were in indexed lists. Web advertisers would stuff catchphrases into articles and metatags, assemble immeasurable amounts of backlinks through registries and connection trades, and utilize an assemblage of low esteem methods to scale the web search tool results. 
Today the calculations that drive seek rankings are exponentially refined. They are misleadingly insightful, composed and refined to assess a site in qualitative ways that would flabbergast portrays what google is attempting to attain through their application of their calculations. It incorporates attempting to distinguish quality and innovation of substance, publication quality control, objectivity, thoroughness, the site's legitimacy and dependability. In the event that this doesn't set the bar sufficiently high, after the proceeded with application and redesigning of Panda and Penguin, there is presently generous extra weighting connected to qualitative and even tasteful elements. Vicinity, recurrence and arrangement of commercials, utilization of outwardly unappealing shades and design are all assessed to help or damage your indexed lists. 
The bar is situated high. It is still simple to fall flat at enhancing your site on the off chance that you don't comprehend the best practices of SEO. It is however no more as simple to trick the framework. Google's refinement and initiative in the pursuit space have changed how SEO functions. Keeping in mind the end goal to place truly well in query items (for pertinent and significant watchwords and terms) it presupposes having a substance advertising method. Attaining high hunt rankings and making those rankings manageable obliges an amazing site, meticulousness, and the predictable application of great advertising practices. 
Site improvement is offering approach to Content Marketing Optimization. Seek streamlining has gotten to be all the more a strategic capacity within a bigger system that must consider and location your advertising objectives on a substance level.

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Friday, 8 August 2014

35 SEO factors that determines webpage ranking!!!

The factors that the search engines use to rank our web sites are the ones that drive us mad..!People say that the Google uses algorithms to rank web sites and that’s true. But in fact there is no clarity in what are factors that the algorithm looks for to rank a web site.

Here are the few important factors that we need to consider to get a good rank for our site...

1.Google + activity
2.Facebook shares and (not likes) You can refer to our earlier post to get more info..
3.Number of quality backlinks
4.Facebook comments
6.Facebook likes
7.nofollow links
8.Unique IPs linking to the page
9.Root domains linking to the page
10.sub domains linking to the page

11.Moz rank for the subdomains and the main domains
12.Domain authority
13.Total links to the subdomain
14.Internal pages matching the anchor text
15.Keyword use in title tag
16.keyword use in anchor tag
17.Title tag content
18.Keyword in meta tag match
19.Natural Meta description info
20.Site map
21.schema markup
22.Content:image ratio
23.Keyword density
24.Twitter card embedded in page
25.G+ in page
26.URL length in characters
27.Title length
28.Total adsense
29.Site speed

30.Social signals
31.Internal link ratio
32.Thin content
33.Domain value/history
34.Social graphs
35.Exchange links
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Image Optimization-Another SEO factor!!!

Here we give a dose of info about the image optimisatiom techniques and its necessity for SEO.....

Why are images to be optimised?

1.The images like other fresh contents in your site can get more traffic for your site. When the images are rightly optimised ,the the image based search engines could fetch you more traffic!

2. As a matter of fact, one image can convey the message of one thousand words more visibly with more authority. But at the same time, we must be very careful in choosing the right images to be used.

Below is a list of some image optimisation techniques!!

1.The usage of “<alt>” tag is very important when we use the images in the site. The images when not displayed ,the alternate name will be diaplayed. Again, this can be a keyword too. The web crawler look for keywords in alt tag ..

2.The file names that you use for the images are also considerably important.The file names are to be keyword stuffed ,plain ,descriptive. This is to make names look natural as well as serve our purpose.

3.Be careful! Donot stuff so many keywords in your alt tag . For example

<img src=”xyz.jpg” alt=”The best xyz bike at cheapest price in the city”>. This looks odd and would never serve our purpose.

4. We must also consider the loading time of any page in our site. So, make sure the image size is not too large. Use the free tools like Image optimizer or picnic,etc.,The google wants the most thing to happen in very least time and images are never exception to it.The search engines calculate the page speed and this is alsoa factor for ranking the site.! Needed more info,here it is..

5.Use the best relevant images only! We know that a pic is worth 1000 words but then it must be used rightly nad effectively to gain traffic. The Uniquenss of the image is more important and hence do not use the same you found online. The best practice is to atleast crop the image you get online but see to that the quality doesn’t get compromised!
optimised image

6. Use the title tag for images effectively so that it gets displyed when hovered on. Here you can follow the same keyword stuffing strategy written in previous posts.
Optimised image

7.The Schema can also be used but no so important. Refer for more info...

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

TIPS TO INCREASE YOUR FACEBOOK REACH- The post that you should never miss!!!


In the nutshell, the main intent is to have user engagement in our fb posts and this is the only organic way to get more reach for our post. Use the following to increase your fb reach.

1.A balance between the images and the links: The photos you share are most important and this is what most people do and say too. There is an agreement that the images convey more than the words!!But people could notice that the newsfeed shows more links. This is because of the change in the algorithm. So, it is advisable to post links (Quality links) and the fb would pull the meta info and the images and display it right in your post. So, don’t be posting only photos for they get more likes but have a healthy balance between the images and the links you post.

2.Tagging other pages: There is always a second thought  when tagging  to another page , that we may lose our audience. It is not so and instead we would gain more because this post would be listed in the newsfeed of your audience as well as the fans of the tagged one.

3.Have a poll: Do poll your fans and this shall not be done oft and on. When you poll your audiences, their comment activities would increase and hence there would be a greater reach again!!

4.Comments are more important than the likes and shares—The Facebook eyes on more comments and your never force your audience to like or share the posts. Doing this would have a negative impact. How do you have more comments? The only way is to initiate a discussion. Just quickly spark a discussion and that would be useful always to increase your reach.

5.Make effective use of the STORYBUMPING algorithm: The story bumping algorithm does the display of the older post again in the news feed. The facebook has identified the engagement of the users in the older posts and hence it does the story bumping (thinking the audience might have missed). Do share or reply for comments in g+, twitter and blogs to promote your post again. In the bottom line do not ignore your older post for they are important too!

6.Audience engagement:  This means to leave a question or leave a dotted blank so that the audience would fill or answer in the comments area again a tip to increase the comment activities.

7.URL usage: It is always recommended to use the full URL path rather than the short URL that the system generates for you.

8.#tag : Use hash tags for the serach terms or keywords so that the post comes first in the news feed but this is written as the last tip as the algorithm would soon revoke this concept.

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Saturday, 26 July 2014

A dozen BEST SEO TIPS to make your web pages rank higher in Google

1.Make sure that your has no broken links. If there are drops downs and menus, be sure to link that properly and only then the crawlers show a green signal for your site to have good SERP result.

2.Mind that the SEO is done not for the entire site but at page level. So you need to put your concentration on all the pages before and after your site is launched. On page page optimization of almost all the necessary pages in your site is a mandate..

3.I suggest a good dynamic and fresh content in your home page because once your brand name gets popularized , you need to satisfy the visitors who shall visit only your home page with your URL. So, good content in the home page is advocated.

4.The Time On Site is also an important factor just because the user engagement in your site has a high priority for sites through which you earn

5.Think all about the SEO factors before you go for the design of the website. I advocate this because the layout of the effective contents in the site shall be planned well only if the SEO factors are well studied!

6.Never use flash or AJAX as linking to a single page is a little trouble with them. In the worst case, use them sparingly.

7.Build Quality links to your site. We stress only on quality and quantity is least important when compared to quantity of back links that you get of poor quality!

8.Above the fold technique also gives a good & significant boost but when design is the splash needed  then we can  compromise a little.

9.The taglines or the captions must be using the keywords in a optimum fashion.

10.The optimization of the images is also important in satisfying the spiders.

11.Use the XML site-map in your site. Be cautious when using the robots.txt file.

12.Link your blog with your site as this could render fresh contents to your site which the Goolge always likes.!!

All these SEO Tips could help you achieve what you want!! Enjoy doing SEO.! 

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